Successful Corporate Event Planning – 5 Things You Must Know!

by | Jun 24, 2020 | Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event is surely a herculean task. It involves so many things right from searching for the best venue to the arrangement for guests, meals and so on. Choosing an Apt Corporate Event space is one of the biggest and most crucial decisions. It can have an impact on your audience and their comfort too. 

Corporate Event Venue

Here are five things that you must know before shortlisting a corporate event space

  1. Availability and Size: These are some of the basic and foremost factors that one should think while planning a Corporate Event. What if the corporate event space is unmatched equipped with all the light, sound, projection equipment but is not available on the date of your event. Check with the event space manager the dates of the venue availability before moving forward to other important details. After checking the availability of the venue on the date of your event, check the multiple venue/conference room options available at the site. It is important to consider the size of your audience and the agenda of your event while booking a corporate venue. The venue should be neither too small nor too big for the event. It should be enough to hold the size of your audience and must not make the space look congested or too roomy. Asking questions such as what is the audience/guest capacity of this corporate event venue?. Gives you a clear idea about the number of guests the event venue can computably fit it
  2. Budget: One of the vital factors that rule our purchase decision is the rent of the corporate event space. The rent of the venue should be an ideal match to your budget. Therefore, it is important to plan a tentative budget taking into account all the major expenses such as rent of event space, light cost, sound costs, food & Beverage cost and much more. Ask your hospitality partner to make a customized package for your company that suits your budget. 
  3. Location: The location of the corporate event is of prime importance. It should be easily accessible by your guests. Choose a venue that is central to your guests, associates as well as your company. It is essential to book a corporate venue with ample parking space around or inside the premise. This will help your guests to enjoy your corporate event/conference without worrying about their vehicles. Check with your hospitality partner what is the provision for parking? is there a valet parking facility available? Opt for a venue with considerable parking space or valet parking facility.
  4. Light, Sound, Projector and Other Equipment: Light and Sound provisions should be checked thoroughly before booking the corporate venue. Many times most of the corporate event venues lack LED screens, Display Screens and projector facilities. Checking the same well in advance with your venue partner and taking a trail round of the same will help you to avoid any technical glitches during the event.
  5. Ambience: When it comes to event planning ambience plays a major role. It sets the mood for the event and scales it to another level. Check, whether the architecture style, interior décor matches with the theme of your event, do they complement your event or overshadow it. Opt for a corporate event space that matches your event agenda.

The aforementioned things help you to select an optimum corporate event space for your corporate event/conference and delight your guests/associates/ customers/ employees with a spectacular event. However, it is essential to do comprehensive research and opt for the best corporate event venues that suit your budget and meet all your expectations optimally. 

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