Step by step instructions to “Turn” Wedding Planning Amid the Coronavirus Crisis

by | Jun 16, 2020 | Wedding

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the lives of everyone, and for anyone who has a wedding planned in the late 2020s or 2021, the situation could be quite challenging. The way in which marriages will happen in the near future shall undergo vast changes. Leading event managers and marriage halls in Mulund and Mumbai are coming up with different ways to conduct weddings in the post coronavirus world.

Some things that will form part of weddings in the near future post coronavirus world could be:

  1. Smaller Guestlist:  In the near future, there will be restrictions on the number of people that can gather at one place for a social event. Hence, post coronavirus weddings shall have a much smaller guest list. Only close family and friends would be invited for attending the wedding.
  2. Live Streaming: Since all people whom you want to attend your weddings cannot do so, the weddings shall be live-streamed on leading platforms like Facebook or Zoom. This way you can invite a larger audience and family or friends living abroad can also virtually attend your wedding.  Wedding invitations shall also be sent via videos or emails online without the need to print wedding cards.
  3. Alternate Seating arrangements: Seating arrangements shall be made keeping in mind the social distancing norms that will be de facto followed post coronavirus. People shall prefer large wedding halls in Mulund where there can be circular table seating or alternate void seating so that no two people sit close to one another.
  4. Format of weddings – Traditional Indian weddings have many pre-wedding and post-wedding functions. In the post COVID world, the number of events at weddings shall drop down drastically. Only the main function shall be attended by guests. Other functions shall be held at home only.
  5. Hyper-personalized weddings and entertainment – Since there will be few guests, you could create personalized notes and contents for all guests infusing personalized experience.  People shall prefer stand-up comedies, performances instead of the regular dancing in post COVID world.
  6. Safety kits-At the entrance, guests will be provided with masks, tissues and sanitizers as safety kits to maintain hygiene throughout.
  7. Maintain a Guestlist: In the post COVID world, guest lists shall be maintained and all the guests will be given a call to enquire about their health post-wedding to ensure that everyone is safe.

In the post coronavirus world, maintaining social distance and hygiene factors shall play a major role. As a result, selecting a banquet hall, choosing the right kind of vendors for catering, photography, videos, make-ups, etc shall be extremely important.

  1. Selecting the right venue– In order to maintain social distancing, people would opt for larger banquet halls in Mulund. Venues, where there is outdoor space, shall be preferred compared to indoor ones. Venues that follow regular sanitization and testing would be preferred. In the near future, wedding halls that strictly follow all precautionary measures to prevent the risk of spreading a virus would be preferred. Venues that follow most of the following measures shall be preferred:

         Sanitizing the venue post every event

         Easy access to Hands-free stations for hand sanitizing

         Regular medical screening of employees

         Effective air purification systems

         Restricted entry to the venue only after the Thermal screening of all guests and vendors.


  1. Selecting the right caterer:

In the post COVID world, along with the quality and taste of food, the hygiene factor shall play a major role. Caterers with the ability to maintain strict quality and hygiene shall be preferred.

The way food will be served to guests shall change. All the food will be brought to the guests at their respective seating places to avoid crowding. All the food counters will be spread out to prevent the aggregation of many guests.

The kind of food that will be served shall also change a bit. No uncooked or cold food will be served. Only cooked food will be served. Caters shall prefer immunity building food items.


  1. Selecting the right kind of photographers, make-up artists: Since the wedding will be an event with a few guests, people would prefer having less as fewer vendors on the venue as possible. People will prefer one photographer or one videographer only and not a large crew.
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