Best Banquet Hall In and Around Ghatkopar and What Makes Them Great

by | Jul 25, 2020 | Banquet Hall

Planning an event requires lots of agility and attention to detail. It involves careful planning and choosing the right venue to pull out a successful event. The right venue is probably one of the best and most important requisites. It can help you to perfectly organize an event to provide a favourable experience to the audience. Selecting the right venue for the event is one of the most crucial steps. It has a considerable impact on the whole event. There are many banquet halls in Ghatkopar which are  known for their great event space, some for their impeccable service whereas some as preferred for their apt location. 

Banquet Hall in Ghatkopar

Let us look at some of the famous banquet halls in Ghatkopar :

  1. Lavender Bough: This wedding hall in Ghatkopar is known for its location and optimum service. This wedding hall is apt for any small to the medium-sized wedding. It has all the facilities to make your wedding a memorable one. The highly trained professional staff are always available at your service and make arrangements for the wedding. The well-equipped wedding hall is apt for those who are looking out for a perfect banquet for varied wedding functions. 
  2. Asian Banquets: The plush banquet is one of the best marriage halls in Ghatkopar. Known for its royal interiors and great customer service this banquet is perfect for weddings as well as corporate events. The relishing and sumptuous food accompanied by great hospitality makes this place a perfect venue. This banquet is a great combination of grandeur and luxury. Hosting an event or wedding at this venue is sure to add more splendour to your event. So whether you are looking out for an outdoor dining area or comfortable seating area this place has got it all. The professional decoration and lighting team of Asian Banquets offer you some of the best and latest concepts that are sure to add more charm to your wedding. This place has one of the finest marriage halls in Ghatkopar.
  3. Interlink Banquets: This banquet is a perfect venue for several events including corporate events, small gatherings, sangeet, wedding, birthday parties and much more. The banquet is a perfect combination of elegance and opulence. The several banquets and halls at Interlink Banquets are well suited for an elegant ceremony or a gala event. The experience and highly skilled staff are highly trained to offer you the best customer service. They strive to make the perfect arrangements to make your event a successful one. 
  4.  Havyakara Sabhagraha: This is one of the most popular wedding halls in Ghatkopar. The luscious venue is known for its world-class interiors and state of the art facilities. The contemporary and modern interior backed with great light and sound arrangement gives us a distinct edge to this venue. The friendly staff here are highly trained and provide you with all the desired support throughout the event. 

The aforementioned are some of the best banquet halls in and around Ghatkopar. The venues are unmatched and are known for their great offerings. Some of the striking characteristics of these banquets include ample parking space, convenient location, easy to access, optimum guest capacity, great customer service, outstanding catering facility and cutting edge ambience. 

These banquets are best known for their eye for detail and lure for perfection. Choosing an apt banquet will help you to add an extra edge to your event and make it a success and worth remembering. Associating with a professional event partner can help you to leverage their facilities to its best and provide a favourable experience to the guests. After all, a wedding is one of the biggest events of your life. 

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